Citizen Pilates is the boutique fitness standard in cleanliness and safety. With 3 locations in Houston, our studios are revered for upbeat, fitness-based group reformer classes that emphasize fun and challenging 45-minute routines complemented by a culture of inclusion. Use the Filter Icon on your right to find classes by times, locations, instructors or class types such as Mask Mandatory workouts.
Citizen Pilates is the boutique fitness standard in cleanliness and safety. With 2 locations in Houston, our studios are revered for upbeat, fitness-based group reformer classes that emphasize fun and challenging 45-minute routines complemented by a culture of inclusion.
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Have you ever taken a Pilates class? Have you ever used a Pilates Reformer? What about the Megaformer?   If you live in the fitness world, you’ve probably heard of both of these machines. But do you know the difference between the Pilates Reformer and the Megaformer? Well, stick around because this article is going to answer all your burning questions such as… What IS the Megaformer? What IS the Pilates Reformer? What is the difference between the Pilates Reformer Machine and the Megaformer design? What muscles does the Pilates Reformer work? What muscles does the Megaformer

Overcoming Fitness Frustration; 6 Ways To Stay ON Track Fitness can be overwhelmingly annoying & frustrating. We've all experienced fitness frustration, especially as we take stock of summer's end. But WHY can exercise be so frustrating? One day, you’re on a great path, feeling good mentally & physically. You’re a fitness queen! Then, all of a sudden, exercising seems like a daunting task. Your normal body positivity mindset that you built from frequently working out has left the building, and you’re left feeling fluffy and gross. Why does fitness frustration happen? When does

PUBLISHED THURSDAY SEP 03, 2020 BY MEREDITH SIMMONS   If you’re like me, 2020 has made your typical fitness routine toast. From virtual to outdoor classes in a record heatwave, it seems like I never know what challenges this year will throw at me. And just when I thought I had a good routine figured out, I developed jumper’s knee from the impact of outdoor workouts. I’ve had adventures with this particular brand of tendinitis before and know that healing requires a reduction of high-impact activity. Because I do HIIT workouts regularly, this

Over 9 million people practice Pilates worldwide, and for good reason. Pilates gives you a lean, toned, and balanced muscle structure while also improving sleep quality, reducing stress, and increasing flexibility and balance. All of this in a low impact format that is accessible to any body type, age, or gender. Despite the enormous benefits of Pilates, the majority of those who practice are still women. We’ve got to escape the “just for women” mentality of Pilates! Men can equally benefit-- and in fact, most men are surprised by how

Pregnancy and childbearing--while one of life’s little miracles--can do a number on the body and especially the muscles that support the pelvic floor. The weight and strain of carrying a growing baby plus the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscles.  Why is that important? Let’s dive into the anatomy for a minute. Our pelvic floor is a “sling” of muscles at the base of our core, a bit like a small muscle hammock, that runs between the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone at

If you’ve stepped foot into one of our studios, you know immediately that Pilates at Citizen is about more than just exercise. Our whole goal is for you to find the strongest version of yourself--physically and mentally. While there are enormous physical health benefits to Pilates, such as increased muscular strength and endurance, enhanced flexibility, improved posture and balance, and reduction of body fat, workout out with us will help you lean into life more, walk taller, and overall feel better about yourself. The “halo effect” of Pilates on our

So many studios and social media outlets talk about the Lagree Method like it’s Pilates. But it’s not, for so many reasons: from the equipment itself, to its “torture” and “die” focus, to its sustainability, there’s really very little the two have in common. Developed by Sebastian Lagree, a self-described “French American inventor and fitness visionair,” a MegaReformer is NOT a Pilates Reformer, though it might look similar. Lagree developed the Mega specifically for the “Lagree Fitness Method” he created, a method with its own tempo and duration standards. Each 40-minute

When people ask what Citizen Pilates is, I tell them we are a full-body, strength training studio for anyone looking for a long term relationship with fitness.  “Oh, so you’re a gym,” they reply. Queue the long silence. The thing is, Citizen Pilates is NOT a gym. We are so much more. We’re a community. A collective where everyone is welcome. No matter what language you speak, no matter your culture, or body type, or fitness goals, you are not only welcome here but also supported, celebrated, and a part of something bigger. There are

People often ask me why I chose the name Citizen for my Pilates studio. As hard as I’ve tried, I haven’t been able to condense that story down into a 30-second elevator pitch. Naming a company you’ve poured your heart and soul into should feel personal, but so much about that process has to be intentional and practical.  I found myself having to think about things like domain name availability. Can I get the .com or do I have to settle for the less desirable .net or .co? Is it too