Citizen group classes guarantee full-body strength training in 45 minutes. Achieve your strongest, most confident self no matter your fitness level. We cater to everyone.

713-589-8777 940 Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77008
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Working at Citizen has been the best decision thus far! No doubt I feel heard and challenged professionally each and everyday. Glad to be part of the Citizen Fam.

Kenya Front Desk

What I enjoy most about working at Citizen Pilates is that my coworkers are now called friends, the atmosphere in the studio is unlike any other. My love of being an Instructor comes from keeping my routines challenging enough for beginner and advanced clients!

Nicole Instructor

Citizen has given me a community and support team. Our leadership, staff, fellow instructors, and clients have a real working and fun relationship. Plus, I love to make people feel motivated to crush their day!

Hannah Instructor

My favorite part of being an instructor at Citizen is the community! Both the team and the clients at Citizen are motivating and inspiring, and are what make it so much fun! I look forward to each and every class I teach / take!

Maggie Instructor

Meet the Team

You can expect a full body Pilates reformer workout from each of our instructors in every one of our group classes. What makes Citizen different are the fitness experiences each instructor brings to their class. Our goal is consistency and our team is here to make you feel welcomed, no matter your goals. These are our people and they don’t teach Pilates anywhere else.


The OG Citizen


The Rad Citizen


The Planning Citizen
Amy loves how Pilates helps correct imbalances in our bodies and gets people stronger, whether the goal is to get through the day with less pain or to run a marathon!


The Classic Citizen
Bailey’s commitment to fitness turned into an unwavering passion for Citizen Pilates.


The Spicy Citizen
With a fitness background in boot camp and cycle, Hannah brings high energy to your class.


The Legal Citizen