Citizen group classes guarantee full-body strength training in 45 minutes. Achieve your strongest, most confident self no matter your fitness level. We cater to everyone.

713-589-8777 940 Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77008
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Citizen Rewards

How to Earn Rewards

Welcome to Citizen Rewards powered by Perkville, the quickest and easiest way to earn points to spend and share at the studio! Conveniently located inside our Citizen Pilates app, you'll begin earning rewards immediately with a few bonuses just for signing up. Once you receive your Citizen Pilates Rewards email, you'll accept your points and create a Perkville account with the same email address stored in your Citizen account. Earning activities are automatically calculated and can be redeemed directly from your app!
Earn Points

1) Points are tracked with the email you have on file with Citizen. 2) Earn points for coming to classes or appointments, retail purchases, social check-ins and so much more! 3) Select earning perks from our app to learn about all eligible activities.

Redeem Points

1) Access your Perkville account directly from your Citizen Pilates app. 2) Redeem points for Citizen swag, free monthly memberships, late cancels, retail purchases, classes for friends and more! 3) Select Redeem and spend away!

Refer Friends

1) Submit your friend's email as a referral through Perkville. 2) When your friend visits the studio, they'll begin earning points. 3) You're automatically rewarded for your referral.

Social Media

1) Connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts to Perkville. 2) Each time you tweet or check-in, you'll automatically earn Citizen rewards. 3) Stay connected for bonus opportunities through social contests.