Citizen group classes guarantee full-body strength training in 45 minutes. Achieve your strongest, most confident self no matter your fitness level. We cater to everyone.

713-589-8777 940 Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77008
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Our Mission

The mission at Citizen Pilates is inclusivity.
We exist to bring group fitness to everyone.

The Citizen Experience

Our full-time front desk team are online account experts and decision makers. Scheduling, billing, rewards points questions? We’ve got you covered!

Full Body Strength

Pilates targets your core, flexibility and balance like nothing else. Our machines allow you to build full body strength quickly and feel results after only a few visits.

Everyone is Welcome

Our Founder, Jess Hughes opened Citizen Pilates in 2015 with the idea in mind to create a community of people who welcome and push each other to be the strongest version of themselves, no strings or stereotypes attached.

Reformer Only Studio

No mats. No barre. No yoga. Just refomers. Our equipment is custom made in California from maple wood, not metal, and can comfortably accommodate clients up to 350 pounds.

The Heartbeat of Citizen

Citizen Pilates’ focus on teamwork, job satisfaction, individual contribution and trust has turned heads, recently earning the company a Houston Business Journal Best Places to Work 2019 nomination. We are highly invested in our teams financial independence but sharply focused on their mental well-being both in and outside the studio.

What is Pilates?

Over 11 million people practice Pilates as a form of exercise. Pilates is characterized by slow and controlled movements that make your muscles toned, long and lean. Reformer Pilates involves balancing and doing exercises on a customized machine, using various pulleys to tone muscles. The setup can be intimidating for newcomers, but Jess’s vision for Citizen included personalized attention and small class sizes to help foster a more intimate class setting with a stress-free vibe.

Meet Our Team

Citizen is providing new solutions on how to overcome common, misconceived fears when getting into a Pilates class. We’re backing you 100% and you can bet you’ll have an instructor right there with you – not in competition, but in encouragement.