Citizen group classes guarantee full-body strength training in 45 minutes. Achieve your strongest, most confident self no matter your fitness level. We cater to everyone.

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August 2020

Pregnancy and childbearing--while one of life’s little miracles--can do a number on the body and especially the muscles that support the pelvic floor. The weight and strain of carrying a growing baby plus the hormonal changes that happen during pregnancy can weaken the pelvic floor muscles.  Why is that important? Let’s dive into the anatomy for a minute. Our pelvic floor is a “sling” of muscles at the base of our core, a bit like a small muscle hammock, that runs between the pubic bone in the front and the tailbone at

If you’ve stepped foot into one of our studios, you know immediately that Pilates at Citizen is about more than just exercise. Our whole goal is for you to find the strongest version of yourself--physically and mentally. While there are enormous physical health benefits to Pilates, such as increased muscular strength and endurance, enhanced flexibility, improved posture and balance, and reduction of body fat, workout out with us will help you lean into life more, walk taller, and overall feel better about yourself. The “halo effect” of Pilates on our

So many studios and social media outlets talk about the Lagree Method like it’s Pilates. But it’s not, for so many reasons: from the equipment itself, to its “torture” and “die” focus, to its sustainability, there’s really very little the two have in common. Developed by Sebastian Lagree, a self-described “French American inventor and fitness visionair,” a MegaReformer is NOT a Pilates Reformer, though it might look similar. Lagree developed the Mega specifically for the “Lagree Fitness Method” he created, a method with its own tempo and duration standards. Each 40-minute